Units for Sale

These units are currently offered for sale by owners:

  • Unit #9 SOLD
  • Unit #58 SOLD
  • Unit #63 – RENTED for 2020, available in 2021 – This unit is conveniently located to the right of the beach and grills, close to the parking lot.  Our family moved from Rowayton years ago and no longer use the Yacht Club.  Price is $14,000.  Please contact Dan Wayland, 203-246-0027 or dan.wayland@gmail.com
  • Unit #67 – RENTED for 2020, available in 2021 – Great location near the beach and grills.  We moved to California and can no longer use the club.  Asking $13,000.  Call Ken Ritt at (203) 517-7151 or e-mail him at kwritt@daypitney.com.
  • Unit #77 – AVAILABLE NOW – Great 1st floor locker near the grills, deck and kayak storage. We have enjoyed the club for nearly 20 years and it’s an incredible facility and the staff is great. Unfortunately life and kids are pulling us in another direction. Asking $14k. Please contact Mark or Jody Sattler at 203-866-1550 or mhsatt@icloud.com.
  • Unit #191SOLD
  • Unit #192RENTED for 2020, available in 2021 – A 1st floor locker convenient to the clubhouse. Due to travel time, no longer using the club enough to justify keeping the membership my wife and I have enjoyed for over 20 years. Price $14,000. 914-414-5928 or gmccjohnson@gmail.com.
  • Unit #199 SOLD
  • Unit #202 SOLD
  • Unit #203RENTED for 2020, available in 2021 – Locker adjacent to the clubhouse, freshly painted and ready for the season. Now living out of state so no longer needed.  $14,000.  Please phone 201-519-6991. 

As of 7/8/20