Units for Sale

These units are currently offered for sale by owners:

Unit #9 SOLD

Unit #58 – SOLD

Unit #63 SOLD

Unit #67 – SALE PENDINGGreat location near the beach and grills.  We moved to California and can no longer use the club. Asking $13,000.  Call Ken Ritt at (203) 517-7151 or e-mail him at kwritt@daypitney.com.

Unit #77 – SOLD

Unit #182Perfect Location! Interior locker next to club house, beach and dock. Asking $14,000.00. Please contact Georgie Farrar 415-816-4483 or Georgie.farrar@gmail.com.

Unit #191SOLD

Unit #192A 1st floor locker convenient to the clubhouse. Due to travel time, no longer using the club enough to justify keeping the membership my wife and I have enjoyed for over 20 years. Price $14,000. 914-414-5928 or gmccjohnson@gmail.com.

Unit #199 – SOLD

Unit #202 SOLD

Unit #203 – Locker adjacent to the clubhouse, freshly painted and ready for the season. Now living out of state so no longer needed.  $14,000.  Please phone 201-519-6991. 

As of 11/22/20