Units for Sale

These units are currently offered for sale by owners:

Unit #61Outstanding unit in prime location! First locker on the South Pier by the showers and beach entrance. A great locker if you love to paddleboard, grill and have small children who will enjoy the beach. We installed shelving, hooks and composite decking for comfort. Keep your cooler right in your locker and refill with ice for easy access! $30,000. Contact Quirine Hartong at quirine@gmail.com or text 917-239-4176.

Unit #188 – Unit for sale for $30,000. Contact Kip Ford at: kipford@aol.com or (203) 644-3737.

Unit #191A 1st floor unit next to clubhouse and walkway to dock. When my wife and I moved to Norwalk, we thought we would make much more use of the club than our current available time has allowed us to. Our asking price is $32,500. Please phone 201-407-2334 or email fee.26.public@gmail.com

Unit #192  A 1st floor locker convenient to the clubhouse. Due to travel time, no longer using the club enough to justify keeping the membership my wife and I have enjoyed for over 30 years.  Price $30,000. 914-414-5928 or gmccjohnson@gmail.com.

As of 12/30/21